Monday, April 20, 2009

Does NetBeans 6.5 have problems with spaces??

John O'Conner's Blog says in his blog in

"It turns out that we have several projects named with spaces. For example, one project is Tag Server, and another is Agent Registry. Why spaces? Well, the original project was developed using Eclipse, and one told the team that they shouldn't use spaces. So they did, Eclipse doesn't mind, and.... that's the current situation.
I was really encouraged when I found out that NetBeans 6.5 has an Eclipse project importer. It slurped in our Eclipse workspace and projects in what appeared to be just an easy, casual task. It looked fine at first glance. I beamed with pride. My NetBeans was doing so well..."

but one of viewer is saying :

"After reading this post I created a test eclipse workspace like "D:\My Test Workspace" and Created a Project named "Test Project" both the names have spaces. I then imported this eclipse workspace project into NetBeans. This project worked fine in my NetBeans IDE 6.5 installation..."

Who is correct? i need your comments..


Josch said...


NetBeans standard projects should not have problems with spaces in pathnames, but the JavaME SDK does not deploy with spaces in pathnames.

best regards, josh.

John said...

My experience occurred while importing an Eclipse project with spaces. Your experience with native NB projects may differ, and perhaps the error I have is with the Eclipse import tool?